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SERBIAN TROPHY is an offroad competition organized by the SERBIA 4 × 4 Off-road team.
The competition is divided into three categories (classes): TROPHY, ADVENTURE (competition classes) and TURIST (revision class).
All necessary information, radar book, referees, rulebook and everything else necessary for this event is provided by the organizer.
The organizer reserves the right to change the hourly schedule provided in the invitation letter, as well as to change the rulebook in case of unexpected events, but undertakes to inform the participants on time (before the start of the first stage).

SERBIAN TROPHY is open to anyone interested in a capable off-road vehicle.
Each vehicle in the TROPHY and ADVENTURE classes must have two crew members, drivers and co-drivers.
Both driver and front passenger must have a valid driver’s license.
Vehicles in the TURIST class can have an arbitrary number of members, up to the maximum number of passengers registered.
Before the start of the competition, the team must complete the application form and pay the registration fee specified by the organizer.

The registration fee is paid per participant, before the start of the competition and is 150EU per person.
It covers participants’ accommodation and food, as well as certain propaganda material.

Conditions for participation

All competing vehicles must be registered for driving.
In the TROPHY and ADVENTURE class, only the driver and front passenger can ride.
At START, each vehicle must have a starting number affixed on both sides of the vehicle, in the front door, in a conspicuous place.
The use of agricultural vehicles and agricultural equipment (tractors, motor cultivators, tractor tires, tracks, chainsaws, etc.) is prohibited.
It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol on the course, as well as while driving.

  • TROPHY class:
    • front winch (preferably rear winch) electrical, hydraulic, mechanical
    • Manager (driver and front passenger)
    • roll bar
    • Belt, at least at three points
    • Mileage meter or trip master
    • wood protective tape
    • First help
    • bar and additional tool for towing
    • fire extinguisher
  • ADVENTURE class:
    • front electric winch
    • helmet (driver and front passenger)
    • roll bar
    • Belt, at least at three points
    • First help
    • bar and an additional tool for towing
    • fire extinguisher

off-road tires required for both racing classes, for Adventure class max tire height 88cm

  • TOURIST class
    • ZOBS equipment
  • means of communication (radios, mobile phones)
  • compass
  • protective gloves
  • drinking water
  • wheel
  • the basic tool
  • bindings for tethering or retraction

General rules during the competition

The helmet and seat belt are mandatory throughout the race (on and off) for the TROPHY and ADVENTURE classes.
Wearing a helmet is punishable by disqualification for a particular stage or SS.
Wearing a belt is punishable by disqualification for a particular stage or SS.
It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol on the course, as well as while driving. A participant who is found to be under the influence of alcohol by an alcohol test (anywhere on the track) will be disqualified and removed from the competition.

It is forbidden to throw trash on the trail or in any other place not provided for this.
Each vinting around a tree, without a tree lane, is penalized with 1,000 penalty points.
Any deliberate felling of trees is punishable by 5,000 penalty points.
All crews must take care of their private property. Unless they are on the right path and come across private property or planted land, they MUST NOT move on the same property.
Otherwise they will bear the costs if a lawsuit arises..

As part of the route leads through populated areas and public roads, all participants are obliged and obliged to act in accordance with existing traffic regulations.

Any crew which for some reason is lagging or malfunctioning is obliged to miss the vehicle moving behind them if, of course, the terrain permits.
Assistance to other competing teams is allowed, if the team is able and if desired.
In the event of an accident, especially if there are injuries, all participants are obliged to assist the organizers as soon as possible.
The Organizer undertakes to pull out all vehicles remaining on the ground for some reason until the end of the race.


SERBIAN TROPHY is an offroad competition involving vehicles divided into TROPHY and ADVENTURE classes. It rides on the inaccessible terrain of Kopaonik Mountain and its surroundings. The competition involves driving on the radar, one or more skill exams, as well as speed exams. The Tourist class drives in a caravan and tracks the events in the competition classes.

Before the start of the competition, each crew will receive a radar book with detailed driving directions. Radar contains a number of stages or special exams. At the end of each stage or SS, there is a judge who seals or signs the vehicle’s passage through that stage.
Each unfinished stamp carries 5,000 penalty points.
The radar ride officially ends at 7 pm, which includes the departure of the judges from the checkpoint and the return of all vehicles to the place where they are provided with accommodation.

The skills exam is marked with signal strips and gates (sectors).
For each SS participants will receive an additional explanation attached to the road-book. Teams that have completed the course and have passed all the special exams will enter the placement pool. In the event that the teams have not mastered the overall course, a team with fewer penalty points is better placed. Also, If more teams master the entire course, a team with fewer penalty points will be better placed.

Timekeeping can be done on individual marked stages or on Total Time.
Total Time represents the total time spent on the route from Start to Destination.
One penalty point is one second on the SS. At Total Time, the time is rounded off to 1 minute.
SSs can be multiplied by a predetermined weight coefficient.

signature -5,000
the rope on the tree -1,000

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